Give Thanks (with Canon) – Classical Praise

Download | Compositor: Phillip Keveren David Angell – Arranjo: CowWriter CowWriter

Um pouco sobre esse compositor:

Descrição: *UPDATE* SO, I’ve deleted all my other Classical Praise: Piano & Violin songs /because/, I found real sheet music for them! LifeWay Worship has released the official sheet music for almost every song from the album Classical Praise: Piano & Violin. I am very excited that these sheets have been released. 😀 There are a few other Classical Praise songs on there too, so check it out! You can find the music here: So, please, go buy those sheets! My only point for transcribing these was because I couldn’t find any music for these lovely arrangements. Now that I found sheet music, I will no longer be sharing my transcriptions since they are no longer needed. 😉 However, I may still keep working on other Classical Praise songs that, as of now, do not have sheet music. So, keep an eye out! I do not have permissions or ownership of this song, so if anyone would like it to be removed, I will remove it. This song was not written by me, but I wrote out this sheet music all by ear from listening to the CD.

Give Thanks (with Canon) - Classical Praise *UPDATE*

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Sub titulo: from Classical Praise Volume 2: Piano & Violin

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