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Another Medium - Undertale

Wow, I need to stop doing this to myself. Too bad I can't afford a pro acc :P


A song I most recently made...my first song ever composed..I was feeling creative For this account, I may compose my...

Asriel Dreemurr Fight Medley

This is my finished version of all the songs that play during Asriel Dremurrs fight in Undertale.


this piece had many inspirations that struck me but i got it done. looking at sheet music. learning to play a couple ...

Core - Undertale (Heavy WIP)

Howdy! I mean...c'mon, you saw it coming... Blah blah blah, copy right by me, make sure you ask me if and before yo...

A Certain Kind Of War

*Zoning out of Toriel/Undertale world* Hello, this is a song I composed to lessen my depression and stuff-which is ...